2019 Bmw 3 Series Release Date Release

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The 2019 Bmw 3 Series Release Date handles well and its standard AWD gives off-road ability as well, though only the turbo model offers spirited performance.

The 330i models of the 2019 3 Series will receive a new turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that makes 255 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque, an increase of 7 horsepower and a healthy 37 lb-ft over the outgoing four. This engine will be exclusively paired with an eight-speed automatic transmission. There’s no increase in the number of speeds, but the gearing has been changed, with shorter low gears for a sprightlier feel and taller high gears for more efficiency. This transmission also provides launch control. That’s right: Even the lowest-spec 2019 330i you can buy comes with 100 percent more launch control than the 2018 model.

2019 Bmw 3 Series Release Date New Review

Oddly enough, the claimed 0-60 mph time has gone up by a tenth of a second, to 5.6 seconds, for the 2019 330i. Opt for all-wheel drive, however, and it’s a different story. The new xDrive system has been updated and lightened, so BMW promises more efficiency and faster response. The 330i xDrive models make the 0-60 sprint in a claimed 5.3 seconds, two-tenths faster than the 2018 car.

The top of the 2019 3 Series range will be the new M340i and M340i xDrive. These models will use the same eight-speed automatic and optional AWD system, but under the hood they’ll pack an updated 3.0-liter turbocharged inline-six engine that makes 382 horsepower and 369 lb-ft of torque. That’s almost 50 more horsepower than the outgoing 340i. The claimed 0-60 mph time for the M340i xDrive is an impressive 4.2 seconds. The package includes a sport-tuned suspension and an electronically controlled, fully locking rear differential.

More Space, More Comfort, More Handling

Overall, the 2019 3 Series has grown 2.9 inches in length, 0.6 inch in width, and 0.5 inch in height, with a 1.6-inch increase in wheelbase. BMW promises that this growth adds up to increased passenger space, with more head- and legroom all around. Trunk space is also up, coming in at 17 cubic feet, which is significantly more than you’ll find in competitors such as the Audi A4 or the Mercedes-Benz C-Class. Thankfully, lightweight materials were used extensively throughout the vehicle to shave weight from the body, chassis and suspension components. Based on BMW’s specs, the new car’s curb weight is only up about 40 pounds over last year.

2019 Bmw 3 Series Release Date Engine

To help you enjoy that extra space, the interior design and materials have been upgraded. The images we’ve seen so far are a bit reminiscent of the current 5 Series, but with extra sleekness. The rear seat has been resculpted for more comfort, and the leather upholstery can be outfitted in five colors and with a range of decorative quilting and seam patterns. The outgoing 3 Series was beginning to feel a bit flat and dull compared to newer competitors, but it looks like BMW has the situation well in hand with these updates.

Perhaps the most interesting advancement in the 3 Series is the new suspension. An adaptive M suspension setup is available as an optional extra, allowing drivers to adjust suspension stiffness on the fly depending on their needs, but the standard suspension is the real story. The poetically named “lift-related dampers” are the centerpiece here, and they’re debuting on the new 3 Series. Essentially, they’re an entirely mechanical way to allow the suspension to respond differently to different sorts of compression events. That means they can resist body roll in turns or pitch during acceleration and braking but react with more compliance over bumps and road imperfections — all without using a single line of code.

We’ll have to wait and see how this new suspension works in the real world, but we like the premise. BMWs have suffered from “mode creep” quite a bit in recent years, in which all the different driving interfaces can be set in multiple ways. Sometimes that means you can find a mode that’s just right for you, but it can also feel as if you’re missing out on how the engineers believe the car should behave. The 3 Series’ trick new dampers could prove to be an elegant cure for mode creep, so long as they deliver on their performance claims.

More Equipment, More Tech

The 2019 BMW 3 Series will come standard with full LED automatic headlights, automatic wipers and three-zone climate control. A 10-speaker stereo comes standard, with the option of a 16-speaker, 464-watt Harman Kardon system. The optional head-up display has grown both in size and functionality, able to display more information over a larger area of the windshield. A 360-degree camera is available, with Remote 3D View that allows owners to call up a live 3D image of their car and its surroundings on their smartphone. NFC technology in the doors allows owners to turn their NFC-enabled phones into virtual keys that unlock the car.

BMW’s full suite of driver aids and active safety features is available, from adaptive cruise control with stop-and-go functionality to lane keeping assist, blind-spot monitoring, automatic reverse braking and rear cross-traffic alert. Of course, there’s also an available active parking assistant and parking sensors. Forward collision alert with automatic emergency braking is standard, and it can detect pedestrians and bicyclists as well as other automobiles.

All of this tech falls under the title “Driving Assistant Professional,” and all of it should make driving in traffic or on dull roads less of a chore, not to mention cut down on collisions. It’s worth noting that this is an assistant, not a semi-automated system like Cadillac’s Super Cruise. In other words, you’ll still need to keep your hands on the wheel.

More Tech Talk

BMW’s iDrive 6.0 system is standard on all 3 Series models, with an 8.8-inch touchscreen and a 5.7-inch driver information display. A 10.25-inch touchscreen and a 12.3-inch fully digital instrument cluster, running iDrive 7.0, are available. Called Live Cockpit Professional, this setup puts BMW on a more even footing with systems such as Audi’s Virtual Cockpit, allowing for more customization and display options. Notably, both of the available touchscreens retain BMW’s console-mounted rotary-knob controller.

To complement the new infotainment and tech features, BMW is debuting another technology, the Intelligent Personal Assistant. This is more than just a natural-language voice control system, although it’s that, too. À la Siri or Alexa, just say “Hey, BMW,” and the car will respond to simple commands. Tell the car you’re cold, for example, and it’ll kick on the seat heaters. Tell it you’re tired, and it’ll alter the ambient lighting, music, and temperature to try to wake you up. The assistant will also learn your habits, homing in on your frequent destinations and favorite vehicle functions. Considering the number of features available on the new 3 Series, making them easier to access makes a lot of sense.

Is More More?

For many owners, a big part of the joy of older 3 Series models was how they handled the road. Even the least powerful versions felt sporty, and even loaded with luxury features, the car still stayed connected to the pavement. The new model’s missing manual transmission, stretched dimensions, and heavy focus on added technology may be seen by some as signs that the 3 Series has lost its edge. Such worries are natural, particularly given that the outgoing 3 Series had already come under fire from some quarters for its complacent character.

Pricing and Release Date

The 330i and 330i xDrive will go on sale in March 2019, with prices starting at $41,195 (including destination). The M340i and M340i xDrive will arrive later in the spring. There’s no official date for the forthcoming 330e hybrid, but BMW expects to release it sometime in 2020.

The best value in 2019 Bmw 3 Series Release Date is a base model with manual gearbox, but it’s still decently priced after adding fancy audio, leather, and a moonroof.

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